Arlo security cameras get package, vehicle, and animal detection

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 25, 2018, 4:58pm CDT
Arlo security cameras get package, vehicle, and animal detection

Arlo has updated its Arlo Smart security subscription, adding new package, vehicle, and pet detection options. All three features are listed as “coming soon,” offering Arlo camera owners new ways to keep tabs on their life and who visits their home. Camera owners who want access to the new abilities will have to pay, though.

Arlo Smart is an optional subscription service that helps camera owners personalize their home security monitoring. For $2.99/month, customers can use Arlo Smart with one security camera, getting longer cloud storage and AI-based features. This allows the customer to keep their videos longer and get personalized notifications.

Arlo Smart already offers Person Detection, which sends real-time alerts when an Arlo camera detects a person. Customers also already had access to rich notifications, e911, and cloud activity zones. Soon those will be joined by new abilities to detect animals, vehicles, and packages.

The features are exactly what they sound like. The vehicle detection ability alerts Arlo owners when their camera spots a car parked in the drive or on the curb. Similarly, package detection alerts a home owner when a package is left at their door. Animal detection, meanwhile, spots pets and wildlife.

The Arlo Smart subscription includes a $9.99/month option that supports up to 10 security cameras. The new detection features will be available starting later this year.


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