Arlo changes policy ending phone support after 90 days for non-subscribers

Arlo is a company that makes several different types of wireless HD cameras for home security. The product is very similar to Ring cameras, with a complete line of camera products ranging from doorbells to floodlight cameras and traditional security cameras. Recently, Arlo did something sure to anger some in its customer base.

As of October 4, customers who don't have a subscription with Arlo and have had their devices for more than 90 days will lose the ability to get support by phone for their products. In addition to losing phone support within 90 days of purchasing the products, they also lose support via live chat sessions after the first year of owning their products. For many people, the loss of phone support after 90 days may not be a big deal as many prefer support via live chat.

However, considering Arlo's products are far from inexpensive, starting at $199.99 for the Pro 4 Wireless Security Cameras, losing access to phone support so quickly will rub some users the wrong way. Outside the one-year warranty, the only support options for users that don't have a subscription will be the virtual assistant, Arlo community, and knowledge base.

Arlo owners who have a subscription plan will continue to get phone support and access to all other support options. Arlo subscriptions range in price from $2.99 to $14.99 per month, depending on the level chosen. The policy change will impact a lot of people.

In June 2021, Arlo had 695,000 paying subscribers accounting for 13 percent of its customer base. Arlo appears quite desperate to increase the number of subscriptions it has. In its annual report, the company has stated that its future depends on increasing sales of its subscription services. Eliminating support options is a move to entice more users to pay. However, it's worth noting that a subscription does include access to more than support. Subscribers also get new features occasionally.