Arlo cameras now let Google Assistant speak when they detection movement

Google just announced the availability of new smart cameras under its Nest smart home brand, but those are hardly the only options available in a rather congested market. When it comes to security cameras and video doorbells, Arlo's name is right up there, especially when it comes to integrating with Google's own smart home platform. Once again demonstrating its close ties with Google, Arlo just updated its Motion Detection system to allow Nest Hub and other Google Assistant speakers or devices to audibly notify homeowners when people or a package have been detected.

Smart home security cameras have evolved from being mere passive eyes that you have to check every so often to more reactive guards that can alert you when and where something happens. More often than not, these involve some motion sensing capability, which triggers an alert that is sent to a user's phone. Sometimes, that phone might not be within reach, potentially making you miss out on an important event.

If you have a Google Assistant speaker or smart display at home, that will no longer be a problem. Arlo is now opening the door to a connection with Google Assistant that will let the disembodied voice speak out when an Arlo camera detects some motion within its field of view. In particular, Google Assistant will announce if the camera detects persons, packages, animals, or vehicles, as configured in the Arlo app.

This bridge between Arlo and Google Assistant does have some caveats, though. For one, it only works with the Arlo Pro3, Pro4, and Essential series cameras. Naturally, you need to have your Arlo account synced with Google Home and that you have voice notifications enabled for Arlo cameras in the Google Home app. Arlo lists the Google Home Mini, Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and Chromecast devices as supported, but it might also work with other smart speakers that function in the same way.

Arlo notes that notification settings in the Arlo app are mirrored on the Google Assistant device, so if you mute camera notifications in the Arlo app, you won't hear anything from Google Assistant either. Arlo's Video Doorbell, unfortunately, doesn't support this motion detection announcement, but doorbell presses do get announced by Google Assistant anyway.