Arkhippo concept makes the iPhone fat

Back in the early days of mobile phones my dad had one of those fat brick phones. I remember the call quality was bad, but the thing was so big you could just bend your neck to talk without having to hold the phone to your ear.

You can't do that with the iPhone unless you have a really flexible neck. A new case concept for the iPhone has surfaced called the Arkhippo. The case makes the iPhone majorly fat. The upside is you could probably comfortable hold the phone between your cheek and shoulder with the case on the iPhone.

The case has an angled back and bottom that is designed to let you stand the iPhone up or sit it in landscape mode. The concept measures 170mm H x 83mm W x 50mm D and is made from a material similar to that of Crocs shoes. I don't think you could carry the phone in your pocket if you use this case.