Ariel Atom 4 has a 320bhp Honda Type R turbo engine

Shane McGlaun - Jul 12, 2018, 6:59 am CST
Ariel Atom 4 has a 320bhp Honda Type R turbo engine

One of the coolest minimal cars that is at home on the race track as it is the highway is the Ariel Atom. Ariel has announced an all-new car that keeps the iconic design of the original and turns it up several notches called the Ariel Atom 4. The heart of this beast is a 320hp Honda Type R turbo engine.

That engine allows for some insane performance numbers, the car will hit 60mph in 2.8 seconds. Keep the pedal mashed and you will hit 100mph in 6.8 seconds. Along with that new engine, the Atom 4 also gets a larger diameter tube chassis.

The suspension and steering are completely revised. That means an already stunning handling car should handle even better. The brakes and cooling system are upgraded to handle the power from that new engine. Ariel also updated the bodywork of the Atom 4 for “significant” aerodynamic improvement.

The seats and ergonomics are improved and the interior now has more space. Getting two grown adults into the old car could be a challenge for those broad of shoulder. Ariel is also fitting the Atom 4 with an all-new instrument panel and electronics. The new electronics bring traction and launch control while the instrument panel looks very F1 inspired.

Ariel will start production on the Atom 4 in late 2018 with deliveries set for spring of 2019. Pricing starts at £39,975 including VAT (about $57,718) or £33,312 without VAT (about $43,941). We hope pricing in the US will be more on par with that minus VAT price. Either way that is a bargain for this level of performance.


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