Arduino lock bolts the door when you open an incognito window

A guy called Mike from the Useless Duck Company has created a very interesting project using Arduino that fans of incognito mode (for whatever reason) might want to replicate. Users of Google Chrome know that incognito mode is the mode you use if you don't want anyone seeing the websites you visit in search history.

The problem is that opening an incognito browser certainly won't keep people from walking in the room while you are enjoying your private time. Mike created a very cool old school door lock that will bolt your door as soon as you open the incognito window.

To create the incognito lock, mike connected his PC to an Arduino Uno connected to a servo controlled lock. He wrote a program that checks the browsers running on the PC and if one is in incognito mode, it sends a signal to the Arduino to lock the door. It's probably better than just putting a sock on the door.

If your door is like some of the doors, we had in the house growing up that you have to lean against to get it to lock; you may be out of luck. Perhaps you could create an Arduino device to lean on the door right before the Arduino device bolts the door. It's not clear if the lock unlocks the door when you close that incognito browser. You can check out the video below to see the incognito contraption in action.

SOURCE: Arduino