Arctic Trucks sets world record for fastest trek from Antarctica to the South Pole

When it comes to traveling for the most of us just about any vehicle will do the trick. There are some environments on earth where the simple act of driving requires a substantially more robust vehicle that your average car or truck. One of those harsh environments is the Antarctic region where the climate is frigid and harsh.

A company that makes custom trucks just for extreme environments called Arctic Trucks has landed a world record using its vehicles for traveling from Antarctica to the South Pole in record time. The journey covered 2308km from a station known as Novo to the South Pole. The record was set in December 2010 when two trucks made the journey in 108 hours, or 4.5 days.

The trucks used were based on the Toyota Hilux platform and traveled at an average speed of 21.4km/h and used 2.2km/liter of fuel. The trip to the pole was certified by record keepers at Guinness World Records. The return trip was even faster, but unofficial at 3.5 days and averaging 27.5km/h. The trucks used have a 3.0L turbo diesel under the hood.