Archos 'Music Beany' Is Your New Connected Hat

Here's a novel concept; what if you could remember to bring a hat, but also be able to listen to music when you leave the house? Archos is banking that's a concept you'll love, as they've announced a strange new connected "device" that will deliver just that. The 'Music Beany' is a cover for your cranium, but will also keep the beats bumping.

It's not necessarily a new concept, combining music with a wearable — but this is the first one we've seen that is aimed for a broad market. At only $39, the Music Beany is one you'd likely try out.

Archos isn't giving much details on just how this beany will work, though. All they're saying is that it "combines the benefits of a headphone with the style and comfort of a traditional beany". It looks like the Beany has some built-in over-the-ear headphones you slip down over your ears, so it's useful even when you're not interested in listening to music.

The Music Beany will connect via Bluetooth, and has no OS preference. Though it's an odd new concept, it sounds pretty simple in its execution. The Music Beany will go on sale this September, though the company isn't saying where just yet.

We should be able to get our head on one of these at IFA this year, so check back in early September for a look at what Archos has coming for you!