Archos debuts Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard Cover for iPad

Shane McGlaun - Jan 25, 2013
Archos debuts Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard Cover for iPad

Archos has been around for a long time making some interesting gadgets in its own right as well as accessories for gadgets made by other companies. Archos has unveiled a new keyboard that it claims to be the thinnest keyboard can get for your iPad. Naturally, the new keyboard is called the Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad.

The keyboard is very thin at only 5 mm thick, which is only 0.2-inches. The keyboard is also very light weighing 240 g making it the thinnest and lightest keyboard available for your iPad according to Archos. The company says that the keyboard is so thin it’s nearly the same thickness as the iPad SmartCover when it’s attached to your iPad.

The keyboard features an adjustable kickstand that allows you to adjust the angle of the iPad when you’re typing for comfort. The keyboard has an aluminum back with white keys and looks exact like you would expect an iPad accessory to look. The keyboard has a full QWERTY arrangement and uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad.

The keyboard is designed with what Archos calls super-silent keys and offers shortcuts for the most common iOS commands to make working faster. The keyboard uses a rechargeable battery promising a month of use per charge. Archos also fitted the keyboard with a magnetic closure similar to what Apple uses in the SmartCover. The keyboard automatically turns on when you remove it from the iPad and automatically turns off when you attach it to the iPad for mobility.

[via Archos]

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