Archos 9 PCtablet hits shelves today

The Archos 9 PCtablet has been somewhat overshadowed by its smaller, Android-based sibling, but the French company would like to remind you that, with the debut of Windows 7, the 9-inch touchscreen "future of netbooks" is now available to buy. £449.99 ($748) gets you a resistive touchscreen, Atom Z515 processor and integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, all in a device 800g and just 1.7cm thick.Live Archos 9 hands-on gallery after the cut

The Archos 9 display runs at 1,024 x 600, but Archos are claiming it can deal with 1080p Full HD video; you'll need to plug in an external monitor to make the most of that, but sadly there's only a VGA port on offer rather than HDMI.  The hard-drive is also pretty paltry if you're looking at storing HD content, being a mere 60GB in size.

Connectivity includes two USB 2.0 ports, the aforementioned VGA, audio in/out and 10/100 ethernet.  A 1.3-megapixel webcam is integrated, and Archos will happily sell you a matching Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard.  Check out our hands-on report here.

Press Release:


The Future of Netbooks

Sleek and Ultra-Fast ARCHOS 9 PCtablet delivers access to Internet-based Media on a Touch Screen handheld device.

ARCHOS announced the availability of the ARCHOS 9 PCtablet today in London. The new entertainment tablet runs Windows 7 and combines the performance of a high-end Netbook with breathtaking design, excellent ergonomics and an impressive touch interface. It provides PC users with an entirely new way to work, stay connected and enjoy the web and digital media on an ultra-thin and extremely fast full touch-screen tablet.

The PCtablet sports a full touch-sensitive 9" resistive screen and virtual keyboard. The innovative optical trackpoint (virtual mouse) and buttons allow easy navigation on screen, and provide an uncompromised PC experience.

Designed For Portability

The ARCHOS 9 is ahead of the competition when it comes to form factor. At only 1.7cm (0.7") thick and weighing just 800g, the ARCHOS 9 is the perfect companion for those that require a computing solution on the go.

The large 9" tactile touch screen is a pleasure to use, with a large on screen virtual keyboard that ensures quick and accurate typing. The optical trackpoint and left/right mouse buttons offer a convenient alternative for navigating on the device.

The adjustable leg stand allows the ARCHOS 9 to be positioned to suit a range of uses. The ARCHOS 9 can be positioned upright, providing a comfortable position for watching videos or viewing photo slideshows. For computing and composing documents, the ARCHOS 9 can be angled to provide an optimal typing position, ensuring maximum productivity.

High Quality Multimedia on the Move

The ARCHOS 9 PCtablet delivers ultra-portability and high performance. With Intel's latest ATOM Z processor, users can watch their videos in full HD (1080p resolution), and store their multimedia files on the 60GB hard drive + 25GB online storage.

The ARCHOS 9 comes with £80 worth of free movies to download from the ARCHOS Media Club.

Windows® 7 for software programs

The ARCHOS 9 PCtablet runs Windows® 7, providing a fast and intuitive user experience. Windows® 7 allows users to easily browse the Web, create documents and contact other users via Instant Messanger, Facebook etc. The taskbar with large icons is easily accessible via the ARCHOS 9's tactile screen. Files stored on the device can be searched for quickly with the "Windows Search" bar, accessible from the start menu.

Among the new features of Windows® 7, are movable widgets. Widgets can be placed anywhere on the desktop of the ARCHOS 9, providing instant access to the latest news and information services.

Surfing the web is made fast and safe with Internet Explorer® 8. The new version of Microsoft's Web browser blocks malwares and gives piece of mind that websites being accessed are safe to view. Internet Explorer® 8 also comes with Accelerators and Web Slices, new tools that make the browsing experience more efficient.

Ultra Connectivity

With the ARCHOS 9 PCtablet users can access their online world wherever they are, set up video conferences, chat with friends and surf the web on the go. In addition to Wi-fi connectivity consumers with a 3.5G phone subscription can use a 3.5G dongle or can tether their phone to the ARCHOS 9 via Bluetooth to surf the Web.

As it's a full-fledged portable PC, the ARCHOS 9 also includes USB connectivity to plug in any USB devices such as a digital camera or an external hard drive.

To add even more connectivity, the port replicator accessory provides two additional USB ports, a VGA port to connect to a video monitor, an Ethernet connector for wired broadband networks and 2 additional audio connectors for a headset.

The ARCHOS 9 PCtablet combines the performance of a high-end Netbook with the portability of a tablet.

It has never been so easy to do all your daily tasks on a PC on the move:

Play multimedia content including HD videosi

Use popular software such Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, a productivity suite or Skype with Windows® 7

Stay connected to the Internet and emails with the multiple options for connectivity

Add-ons for the ARCHOS 9 PCtablet

A number of useful and practical accessories are available for the ARCHOS 9 PCtablet, helping increase productivity and ease of use.

Port Replicator: Add even more connectivity to the ARCHOS 9 with an Ethernet port for fast 10/100 Mb/s connection, 2 additional USB ports to plug-in external devices, a VGA output and 2 audio jack to connect a headset

Keyboard Optional: Bluetooth keyboard with large keys for maximum typing comfort.

Protective Cases

Pricing and Availability

The ARCHOS 9 60GB will start shipping from today and retail for £449.99. The ARCHOS 9 will be available through leading PC resellers and from