Archos 10 netbook details leak

Details of Archos' upcoming entry into the netbook market have emerged, found among the files at, and anyone hoping for something as interesting or concientously designed as the company's Internet Media Tablets will be sorely disappointed.  Instead, they've slapped their their brand on a dull OEM netbook design, the Hasee MJ125, with the usual 10-inch 1024 x 600 display, Atom 1.6GHz processor and 160GB hard-drive.

Both 3-cell and 6-cell batteries will be available for the Archos 10, while the OS is Windows XP Home.  Ports include the standard trio of USB 2.0, ethernet, VGA output, audio in/out and a 4-in-1 memory card reader. 

Pricing and availability are unclear at present, and of course the AZERTY keyboard would need to have a quick rearrange for use outside of Archos' home French market.  A roughly €400 price point has been tipped by some, which would peg the Archos netbook at a not-inconsiderable $532; however that's nowhere near official.

[via Archos Lounge]