Archive photos on the go with Nexto eXtreme storage drive

Archiving and moving photos from memory cards to other storage mediums while in the field is a big challenge for professional and amateur photographers. You can carry a laptop with you and do the job, but those not wanting to lug more large equipment around can go light with a device like the Nexto eXtreme.

The drive allows the user to back up photos and video wherever they are via the integrated memory card reader or via a USB-OTG connection feature. The camera can be directly connected via a USB cable to download the content to an internal hard drive.

The portable drive has a battery that is good for about 60GB of data and the device can transfer 1GB of data in 40 seconds. An auxiliary battery allows for archiving of up to 140GB of data. The eXtreme can be had with 160GB, 250GB, 320GB, and 500GB HDDs inside and the user can expand the system up to 2TB. Pricing starts at $235 for the 160GB unit.