Archer gets an FX renewal up through season 10

Good news, Archer fans. FX has renewed the series up through its tenth season, guaranteeing us another few years of everyone's favorite animated spy. We're currently on season 7, with the eighth season being set to premiere next year. Archer is one of several animated shows targeted at adults that is enjoying a healthy fanbase; FX praised it in a recent statement, saying, "We can't say enough about what Adam, Matt and the entire Archer team at Floyd County have done to keep this series so insanely funny and vital through seven seasons."

The company behind Archer, Floyd County Productions, has just penned the new agreement with FX Networks. The latter company's President of Original Programming Nick Grad said, "The move to Los Angeles this past season as private detectives was just the latest twist in Archer's legendary exploits and the next three seasons will to be just as amazing and unpredictable. We are thrilled to continue making great TV with our friends and colleagues at Floyd County."

The show has managed to weather some pretty big changes to its storyline and foundation, with the show having originally revolved around a spy agency named ISIS, which was dropped after becoming heavily associated with the real-life terrorist group by the same name.

Despite that drastic change, the show has proven more popular than ever, underscoring the excellent writing and characterization that goes into the series. There's no word on what the team has planned for the next three seasons, nor whether the seasons have even been written yet.

SOURCE: Variety