AquaMaker AM10 Pulls Water Literally Out Of Thin Air

This water cooler will suck the air dry pulling 36 liters of water from the surrounding air within 38 hours. That means its like a dehumidifier on crack, oh, and did I mention it also recycles and filters the water so its drinkable, and it even cools it a bit.

On top of all that, its an air purifier too, because it purifies the air before it sucks the water out of it, meaning when the air comes out the other end its both water and contaminant free. So you get cleaner, dryer air, and some clean drinking water, sadly there are a couple of downsides, the first is the $1799 price tag, the second is the nearly $17 per day operating cost, at least that's what Ubergizmo has it estimated at.

I have always wanted a water cooler in my home, for several reasons, but mainly because our city water is horrible and is very hard. But I knew I was too cheap to rent one and make monthly payments to some company who brings us water, and still yet too cheap to buy the cooler myself and then just buy the water each time, I guess I have found my solution if I can come up with $1799 and some way to recoup the $17 per day it supposedly costs to run this thing.

AquaMaker AM10 Extracts Water from Air [via boingboing]