Aqua clock concept looks like Tron's identity disk

At first glance, it looks like Tron missed his identity disc when it was flicked back to him from someone he was trying to derez. This is actually an interesting concept clock that has turned up over on Yanko Design. Designers really like to create wild clocks that are only marginally capable of actually telling the user what time it is. The clock is filled with what appears to be colored water and has some sort of mechanism inside to change the level of the liquid.

The changing liquid level tells the user what time it is. The Aqua clock was designed by Branislav Sipka and there are no tips on exactly how to read the thing. I notice it has markings around the inner circle of the frame. There are 12 of those marks on each side. It would be easy enough to assume that the level of the liquid inside represents the hour of the day.

If that is correct then the clock in the photos would be showing three as the hour. I see no way to tell what the minutes are. I also notice that the clock has a metal tube on the bottom. I wonder if the liquid in the clock drains out of that tube as the hours march by. It could be that this clock only tells you the approximate time of day.

[via Yanko design]