Aptina's new AR1411HS image sensor promises superb still photos and video

Aptina has announced a new 14-megapixel CMOS image sensor aimed specifically at digital cameras. The new CMOS image sensor is called the AR1411HS and will add another option in the popular one-inch sensor format. Aptina says that the image sensor will combine spectacular image quality with extremely fast frame rates.

The sensor will also support high-resolution video recording. Aptina notes that the new sensor has attracted the attention from some of the leading mirrorless camera makers on the market today. That means the sensor will end up turning up in a number of interchangeable lens cameras before long.

The image sensor takes advantage of Aptina DR-Pix technology to deliver image quality in low light and brightly lit scenes. The sensor is also able to output full 14-megapixel resolution at frame rates of up to 80 FPS. Aptina says the sensor is also capable of providing full 4K video resolution at 60 frames per second.

When using the sensor to record standard full HD resolution video, it's capable of recording at 120 frames per second. That means the image sensor can shoot full HD resolution video for incredibly slow motion playback. The sensor can also take full resolution photographs without interrupting the 1080p HD video stream.

[via Aptina]