Aptina camera phone image sensor supports HD video

Brenda Barron - Nov 20, 2008, 8:18 pm CST
Aptina camera phone image sensor supports HD video

Camera phones just keep keep getting better and better and this latest image sensor from Aptina will take them up to the next level. In fact, their image sensor will be entering mass production soon and it seems these sensors will be included in the latest 5-megapixel camera phones.

The MT9O912–the image sensor’s unglamorous name–will feature a high resolution and provide 2x’s the low light performance of previous sensors. Even more interesting is the fact that this sensor will make camera phones capable of recording 720p HD video with 60fps. Plus, 5-megapixel video will be possible at 15 fps.

This is the third generation of micro pixel sensor from Aptina and the device will enter production starting in January of next year. That’s really soon, folks, so start looking for HD video in many more camera phones soon.

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