Aptera Diesel Hybrid car gets 230 miles to the gallon

Personally, I don't think this story needs to go any further than the headline and a picture, but that's just me, and you probably want some more information on a vehicle that good for both your wallet and your environment. Well lets start with the facts that it has 3 wheels and gull-wing doors which look awesome.

Next up is the fact it looks a lot like a space ship, but retro, so like, one of the spaceships you might see in one of the older episodes of Star Trek or something along those lines. Its drivable on most roadways too, with a top speed of 55.

It will cost about 15k pounds, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 grand. Not a bad price, depending on how much you drive in a year, you could probably save your total car payments on this thing in gas money alone. And it doesn't look like they sacrificed design for cost, because it looks good, different, but good.

Pre-order the Aptera electric three-wheeled hybrid...car thing [via techdigest]