Apricorn updates DVR Expander style

Shane McGlaun - Aug 5, 2010
Apricorn updates DVR Expander style

You can never have enough space on your DVR for storing TV shows that you like. When the network season is in full swing your DVR can fill up very fast thanks to the tiny HDDs that most cable and satellite firms put inside a DVR.

Apricorn has been offering a line of DVR Expanders for a while now that are external HDDs optimized for video storage and streaming that work with various DVRs. The company has announced that it has updated the DVR Expander with a new design.

The new design brings the latest in passive cooling technology to the DVR Expander allowing for quiet and cool operation. The largest version is still a 2TB unit and pricing starts at $99 for the 500GB version. The 2TB DVR Expander sells for $249.

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