Apricorn Cranks Aegis Padlock HDD Up To 750GB

Apricorn has been offering its Aegis Padlock portable HDD for a while now. The drive is notable for the keypad on the front that secures the drive preventing access to the drive unless the correct PIN is typed in. The company has announced a new version of the drive that is the highest capacity encrypted HDD on the market.

The drive now has 750GB of storage and sells for right under $200. It connects to your computer with an integrated USB cable and in addition to the PIN keypad on the front the data on the HDD is encrypted. The data encryption is military grade FIPS PUB 197 validated.

That means that it can secure even the most sensitive data for the user. The drive has a brute force self-destruct feature where when the drive senses a hacking attempt it will delete the encryption key and lock the drive. The keypad is also wear resistant to hide the use patterns from pushing the same keys repeatedly.