AppStation straps your iPad to your knee

If you fly a lot you really kneed (yeah I wrote that) this new knee desk thingy from New Sky Products called the AppStation. The iPad accessory is a kneeboard for the iPad that straps around the knee and holds the iPad steady for you. I would have thought that the thing was aimed at those that fly a lot and it could be used to keep the iPad in place while on a commercial flight.

Apparently, the thing is also aimed at pilots so they can use apps while flying their own aircraft as well. The back of the AppStation is made from polycarbonate and has a curve to it to fit the leg comfortably. The leg strap uses Velcro-style closures for a snug fit and the top of the kneeboard is angled up to tilt the iPad toward the user without having to lift your leg up.

The accessory also has a storage area for a stylus and a Mini Mag Light flashlight. The front of the kneeboard has raised areas to keep your screen from getting scratched if you set the iPad face down while in the holder. You can order the AppStation right now for $69.95.