Apple's WWDC conference sells out in 2 minutes

Just minutes ago SlashGear announced the on-sale marker for Apple's developer conference WWDC 2013 – now they're all sold out. Having literally hit refresh ourselves from the moment the tickets went on sale, it's appearing from here that Apple sold tickets out from start to finish in under 2 minutes. You'll find sources across the web suggesting 3 minutes and even 1 minute – stay tuned for official word from Apple as well.

This sale is a record, one way or another. Back in 2012 tickets sold out in right around two hours after they went on sale, that time working with an on-sale time that wasn't announced in advance. The same situation occurred in 2011 where ticket sales took around 12 hours.

Here in 2013, the release of tickets was pre-announced and pinpointed for Apple developers, this allowing the masses to be on-point with clicks and credit cards. This event should prove to be an important one in Apple's history as it will reveal not only a new iteration of their desktop operating system, but their mobile operating system as well, both of them with new leadership behind the scenes.

Have a peek at our still short history with WWDC 2013 in the timeline below and prepare for the big set of events starting on June 10th and lasting until the 14th of June, 2013. We'll be live in-effect from start to finish, especially in regards to the major keynotes which have in the past proven themselves to be significant moments in the Apple road of events.