Apple's USA Galaxy S III ban denied by judge

This week the preliminary banning of the Galaxy S III from sales in the United States requested by Apple amid an upcoming court case has been denied by judge Lucy Koh. This ban on sales of the Samsung Galaxy S III would replicate what was done via Apple in Germany several months ago with the company's Galaxy Tab line. Apple is seeking to defend several mobile-minded patents in regards to the iPhone and the Galaxy S III here in the states, with a case scheduled to begin on the 21st of June.

If the judge had decided to accept Apple's request for a ban on the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone here in the United States before its release this summer, Samsung would surely have suffered heavily at the delay of its new hero device. As it stands, judge Koh has let Apple know that a ban would, in this case, cause the court date to be postponed: something Apple certainly does not want.

Thus we now wait until the 21st when the case will begin in ernest and the most recent Apple vs Samsung battle will commence. Have a peek at the timeline below to see how the Samsung Galaxy S III is being launched here in the USA and stay tuned as the law seeks to do justice in all ways mobile, patents, and beyond! Also be sure to have a peek at our full Samsung Galaxy S III review (in its international iteration) and stay tuned for the rest as they hit the USA!

[via Android Community]