Apple's Next iPhone May Be A Shape-Shifter

It's Apple Patent time. With no lack of excitement going on for the next iPhone, aka the iPhone 6, Apple's newest patent nearly slipped under the radar. What we've got here is a tap into an extendable, living sort of display, allowing for a complete dousing of buttons. This technology may find its way into the iPhone, iPad, or entire family of Apple products.

Apple's newest patent USPTO 8,816,977 describes a flexible display. One that'd work well on either an iPad or an iPhone – or possibly a new device that's not even been delivered yet. A new category of device not yet revealed by Apple at all.

This display works with standard touch capabilities and color and all that normal stuff. But what it does is seek out your finger and create a button. Ever see Flight of the Navigator?

Not quite that crazy, but still. Movement based on your movement, shapes based on what an app requires. Sounds crazy – but without the technology to back it up, Apple wouldn't have patented anything. But they've not announced anything officially.

Not even a laptop that opens itself up. Not even that is official yet.

Don't get too pumped up about this technology now, as Apple often patents technology they don't plan on implementing for years to come – or in some cases at all. Instead, calm yourself and look into the iPhone 6 light. It's coming for you.

VIA: AppleInsider