Apple's New EEO-1 Filing Paints Different Diversity Picture

Apple's EEO-1 Federal Employer Information Report for 2015 was released quietly this past weekend, and in it we see a different snapshot of the company's workforce diversity than the one last presented by Apple. Yes, the company has seen improvements in the realm of diversity among its employees. However, the numbers presented in the report aren't quite the same as the ones we saw before, and they show relatively little change.

Apple, like many tech companies, is working to increase the diversity of its workforce — and, like most companies, it has made improvements, but nothing drastic. As of August 2015, Apple reported that the number of black employees hired in the United States was more than 2,200, that the number of hispanic new hires was 2,700, and the number of women was 11,000 (globally).

The new EEO-1 filing, though, pegs the number of new hispanic hires at 1,633 and the number of new black employees for that time period as 1,475. Why the numbers do no line up has no official clarification at this point, though it could be that Apple accounts for workers that wouldn't be counted under the federal filing.

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more companies are working to increase the number of women and minorities they hire, but progress can be slow. Many companies have set specific goals, and Google, for example, has backed initiatives that will boost education opportunities for groups underrepresented in workplace statistics.

SOURCE: Apple Insider