Apple’s new Apple TV goes through teardown

Mark Raby - Mar 18, 2012
Apple’s new Apple TV goes through teardown

A lot of focus has been placed on Apple’s new iPad, but of course there was another new device revealed this month. The new Apple TV is perhaps even more interesting since Apple’s push to enter the living room market hasn’t been as successul as its tablet endeavors. So what did it bring to the table this time around? All the juicy details have been revealed.

An online user who goes by the name aicjofs dismantled the new gadget and found the following components inside – an A5 chip, 512 MB of RAM, and 8 GB of flash storage. The A5 unit was classified as APL2398 and the RAM was part number H9TKNNN4K from Hynix. There is also a second Wi-Fi antenna assumedly to boost online connectivity.

The last version of the Apple TV was pretty much a commercial flop. And even with the improvements, there is some question as to the viability of a dedicated set-top box when so many TV sets now come with Internet connectivity directly built-in. Especially with the rumored Apple-branded TV set coming out later this year, the fate of the new Apple TV is not at all a certainty.

[via iClarified]

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