Apple's motion for permanent injunction against Samsung denied again in court

Apple and Samsung have been battling on court for years over the design of their smartphones among other things. Apple won a major victory over Samsung in court a few years ago when Apple was awarded damages in excess of $1 billion when the court found that Samsung had infringed Apple patents. Apple sought an injunction on the infringing devices.

Despite Samsung having been found guilty of infringing on multiple Apple patents, the judge in the case denied Apple injunctive relief in 2012. Apple filed a renewed motion for injunction and that motion has again been denied this week.

The California court hearing the renewed injunction denied the motion saying that Apple had failed to prove a "casual nexus" between Samsung's infringement and irreparable harm done to it. The original motion for injunction from December 2012 aimed at 23 Samsung mobile devices. The devices at the heart of this case are all out of date and rather irrelevant to the market today.

What Apple wanted was to win the injunction and set a precedent that it could use in the future to win additional injunctions against infringing products. Apple can appeal the ruling again if it is able to ferret out another reason for the court to review the original decision.

SOURCE: Apple Insider