Apple's Mac sales grow 51% in business sector

Mac sales at the end of 2011 were substantially up from the previous year, and a closer look from analyst group Needham & Company reveals where the bulk of that growth came from – business customers. Specifically, Mac sales that were sent to businesses were up by 50.9%, according to analyst Charlie Wolf, and enterprise sales are also soaring.

When it comes to corporate computers, almost everyone thinks of Windows. And that should still be the case. After all, Apple accounts for only 2.9% of all business computer sales worldwide. But back in 2010, that number was even smaller, just 1.3% So by the end of 2011 Apple more than doubled its presence in that market. And in the enterprise sector, Apple now commands 5.8% of the market.

The reason for that expansion, Wolf says, is because Apple has worked to integrate Microsoft's network environment into OS X, and the fact that Intel-based Macs can run Windows (though they've been able to do that since 2006). However, Wolf noted, that's not reason alone to buy a Mac. He said the appeal of the iPhone and iPad, and the idea that Apple's ecosystem between devices is growing, is what's really driving the growth.

[via Apple Insider]