Apple's iMac accounts for nearly one-third of all-in-one PC sales last year

Apple has once again put up some impressive numbers on the board, this time in the PC sales department, where the company's iMac product lineup has accounted for virtually one-third of all-in-one PC sales last year, according to estimates by DisplaySearch research published in Bloomberg. All-in-one desktop PC sales grew 39% in 2010 to 14.5 million units, and among those desktop sales, Apple accounted for 32.9 percent, establishing it as, well, the largest all-in-one PC maker in the world.

Apple's virtually 33 percent market share of all-in-one desktops puts it squarely ahead of the second place company, Lenovo. In third place, with a not-to-shrug-at 21.4 percent was Hewlett-Packard. Together, these three companies account for more than three-fourths of the entire all-in-one PC consumer market.

Though 33 percent of the all-in-one market may feel like a surprisingly lower than expected estimate for Apple, it's a much higher proportion than its market share of the computer industry in general, and leave us to believe that that Windows PC makers haven't been successful with the desktop form factor as, well, Apple has.

Apple Insider

[via Apple Insider]