Apple's highest-end $729 iPad costs less than $300 to make

According to one of iSuppli's recent component breakdowns, The iPad clears even more in profit than previous Apple devices, like the iPhone 3GS.  For the top-end 64GB 3G/Wi-Fi supported iPad, Apple makes almost $500 per tablet unit.  Take a look at the iPad estimated cost analysis chart after the break.

These anticipated profit margins are quite staggering to say the least, particularly on the higher-end models. iSuppli also points out that the 32GB version of the iPad only cost $30 more to make than its 16GB counterpart, yet retails for $100 more—a clear signal that that's where Apple thinks the sweet spot lies.

As we saw a few days ago, Austrian residents are getting a hefty discount with a contract with the iPad.  We better get one too.

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