Apple's "Find My iPhone" Features Revealed In Patent Application

Apple's Find My iPhone app may soon be getting some upgrades in security and sophistication. According to a recent patent application, the company is planning some new features for the app that will give users much more control over what happens when their iPhone gets lost or stolen.

The patent application was dug up by Patently Apple this morning and reveals more proactive security features. You will be able to selectively protect files instead of locking the entire phone and you can scramble your sensitive data instead of wiping your entire handset. This way, if you retrieve your handset, you can simply unscramble it instead of losing all your data.

Also, a new remote recording feature uses your iPhone's mic to record audio of the thief and their surroundings and you can use a remote messaging feature to warn them that you are recording or tracking their location. These are certainly some nice new features to have for protecting your iPhone, but given it's only a patent application at this point, there's no knowing whether and when they will actually be available.

[via TUAW]