Apple Watch will have 'all-day' battery life

The Apple Watch is a bit more fleshed out today, but one large thing remained to be answered. How long is this thing going to last?! While that's always going to depend on your usage, CEO Tim Cook says it will have "all-day battery life", and a "typical day" will get your 18 hours battery life. While that's not exactly smartphone-level performance, the Apple Watch isn't sporting a smartphone-level battery. With 18-hour battery life, it will likely appeal to more of us.

Over time, the confusing state of battery life for the Apple Watch led to a lot of speculation. Originally, it was believed the Apple Watch would have 2.5 hours under heavy use. Later on, we heard rumblings the watch would last a bit longer, which seems to be the case now.

apple, as usual, doesn't discuss much about the actual internals, so we'll ahve to wait and see just how large the battery actually is via a teardown. If it's smaller than average, we'll start to point to the Apple Watch as a model for smartwatch battery management.

The good news is that the Apple Watch isn't limited when compared to Android Wear battery life, either. It's at least on par with better Android Wear devices, so Apple users won't really find a reason to doubt their platform in that regard.