Apple Watch WatchKit drops for devs in November

Apple Watch got its big reveal last month, alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but so far developers have been left on tenterhooks as to when they can put their code on the wearable. That day is almost upon us, however, with Apple CEO Tim Cook confirming that the WatchKit SDK – the developer toolkit that will allow for Apple Watch apps to be developed and tested – is due to arrive in November 2014.

"We've had a great reception from the tech industry," Cook said of Apple Watch, "but we've also had a great reception from people who know a lot about fashion and style, and people who know a lot about watches."

The SDK will allow every third-party developer to get their apps running on the timepiece, not just the limited number of companies Apple has already been working with. Like the companion SDKs for iOS and various OS X features, the toolkit will presumably give access to some of the low-level hardware in the smartwatch, like the heart rate sensors and accelerometer.

Still, it's not quite clear what developers will get to play with and what Apple will be holding back on. Those details will have to wait until November when WatchKit is released.

Unfortunately, Apple still isn't giving any more specific a release date for Apple Watch beyond early in 2015. "I can't wait," Cook joked.