One day Apple Watch deal slashes price to under $180

Chris Davies - Jan 4, 2019, 1:39 pm CDT
One day Apple Watch deal slashes price to under $180

The Apple Watch remains a high point among smartwatches, but if your wrist remains unadorned a one-day deal could make you change your mind. The wearOS watch is in for a big promotion ahead, and while we’re expecting a fair few wearables to be announced at CES 2019 next week, there’s a good chance that none will really overshadow the Apple Watch.

The latest Apple Watch Series 4 still commands a premium price tag, but if you’re willing to opt for an earlier model you could have the wearable on your wrist for under $180. They’re all certified refurbished units, which means that you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between these Apple Watches and a brand new one.

Cheapest is the Apple Watch Series 1, which would usually set you back around $235. Amazon’s deal of the day, however, has the Apple Watch for $179.98. That’s for the 38mm version, with WiFi, and in the silver aluminum finish with a white sport band.

If you want the rose gold version, you can get the Apple Watch Series 1 38mm in rose gold aluminum with the matching pink sand sport band, for $184.99. That’s a saving of over $50 compared to the usual price. Amazon is also offering the 42mm version, for $209.99.

The Apple Watch Series 1 in Space Gray is also discounted. $188.95 puts the 42mm version on your wrist, complete with the black sport band.

If you’ve a little more to spend, you can also save on refurbished Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 models. The Apple Watch Series 3 in the 42mm size with GPS is just $251, in the Space Gray finish with the black sport band. If you’d rather have a cellular version, the Apple Watch Series 3 38mm with GPS + Cellular is also available in Space Gray, with the black sport band, for $252.

Those who’d prefer rose gold can have that, too. $294.99 gets you the Apple Watch Series 3 42mm with GPS + Cellular, in rose gold, with a matching pink sand sport band.

Finally, there are Apple Watch Series 2 deals as well. $204 gets you the 42mm Space Gray version with a black sport band, and WiFi connectivity. The slightly smaller Apple Watch Series 2 38mm is $198.99 for the Space Gray model with the black sport band, meanwhile.

As always, these promotions will only last as long as there is stock, and for as long as Amazon so wishes it. If you’re looking for a post-holidays, pre-CES wrist treat, therefore, it’s probably best not to hold off.

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