Apple Watch Series 7 sizes could be bigger this year

The Apple Watch has changed very little since its debut more than half a decade ago. While the design did get a refresh with the Apple Watch Series 4, it still retained the same core aesthetic as the first-gen smartwatch. With the Apple Watch Series 7, however, the company seems to be prepared to give its popular wearable a bigger facelift, not just in design but also in size. Unfortunately, that could be the extent of the big changes to expect later this year.

Apple is unsurprisingly sticking it its square guns, refusing to adopt a circular watch face after all these years. The biggest changes, however, will be on and around the edges of the Apple Watch Series 7. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reiterates what we've heard before, with Apple adopting a flat display and flat edges, resembling the aesthetic it has adopted for the iPhone 12 and most iPads.

Gurman, however, also offers a new tidbit about the Apple Watch 7. The smartwatches are expected to get bigger displays but not by pushing out bezels. Apple will reportedly come in 41mm and 45mm sizes, whereas the previous generation was available in 40mm and 44mm bodies.

While the Apple Watch Series 7 will be getting a new processor, that's unfortunately where the upgrades are expected to end. There will be no new health sensors this year, according to Gurman, though there might be upgrades to the performance and features of existing biometrics. That might sound disappointing to Apple Watch owners hoping to upgrade this year, but the new design could be a strong pull for first-time buyers.

That could mean that next year will be the big jump that Apple Watch fans are waiting to see. At the top of the list is a body-temperature sensor, though the most expected new sensor could revolve around blood glucose measuring. Unfortunately, insiders and experts think that technology is still too new to be reliable, and Apple is wary of including raw features before their time.