Apple Watch Series 7 production issues are resolved tips report

We mentioned late last month that the Apple Watch Series 7 production had been delayed, with the delays blamed on quality issues. However, a new report has surfaced from noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that claims Apple has resolved those production issues. Mass production of the Apple Watch Series 7 will reportedly start in mid to late September.The report goes on to claim the new Series 7 watch will launch later in September, which is on schedule. As far as what caused the production issues, reports indicate that problems are related to the watch's side panel. According to rumors, a significant change in the watch's design was made, and it was the design change that led to production issues for the side panel.

According to Kuo, the Apple Watch Series 7 utilizes a more rugged display featuring a contact design rather than a cable design which the current model relies on. Because of the new screen, Apple is using a low injection pressure overmolding (LIPO) construction process for the first time, which has led to issues.

The design changes also allowed Apple to utilize new OLED partners to provide displays with improved efficiency and lower costs. Kuo believes bringing on these new OLED suppliers also contributed to production delays. Early production models suffered from quality issues, reportedly including blinking panels and insensitivity to touch.

The good news is that Apple has now resolved the production quality issues and investigated various design processes allowing it to settle on one that is ideal for production. Mass production of the Apple Watch 7 panel modules is expected to commence in mid-September. However, speculation has suggested the new watch will be available in limited quantities, to begin with.