Apple Watch Series 7 has a 60.5GHz wireless data feature you can't use

Apple's newest wearable may have come as a disappointment for Apple fans last week. Aside from the bigger screen that also brought bigger cases, the Apple Watch Series 7 was so different from how leaks have painted it that it became a cautionary tale about putting too much stock on leaks. Of course, the latest Apple Watch will still be regarded as one of the best in the smartwatch market, and it apparently has one curious feature that is completely inaccessible by anyone except Apple.

Except for the earliest smartwatches that relied on pogo pins to create a physical connection, most smartwatches use wireless technologies for both charging and data transfer. The latter usually involves Bluetooth when communicating with a smartphone, but other technologies are also used trying to transfer files from the smartwatch to something like a computer. That usually happens when the smartwatch is docked and the dock itself is connected to a computer via a cable.

It seems that Apple has given the new Apple Watch a souped-up version of the latter that only the company or its authorized partners might be able to use. According to an FCC filing spotted by MacRumors, the Apple Watch Series 7 has a hardware module that is capable of wireless data transfer at an astounding speed of 60.5GHz. The catch is that this module is only activated when placed on a special dock.

That dock, with model number A2687, is something that has never been seen before. It is presumed to be an internal tool used only by Apple employees. It would have definitely been an interesting feature to have that would drastically cut down data transfer times, but it isn't meant to be.

This 60.5GHz wireless data transfer mode could very well be Apple's wireless version of its infamous Apple Watch diagnostic port. It remains to be seen, however, if that's the case and if that port still exists, something we'll look forward to discovering when someone like iFixit tears the Apple Watch Series 7 down.