Apple Watch Series 6 leak tips Schooltime feature and watch face sharing

A new leak reveals multiple features that will reportedly be available on the Apple Watch Series 6 wearable. The alleged features were uncovered from iOS 14 code, the leak claims, hinting at new capabilities that, in some cases, mirror recent leaks from other sources. Assuming Apple does make these features available in the upcoming Apple Watch, consumers can expect sleep tracking, a Kids Mode, and more.READ: Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Always-on makes all the difference

The new details come from 9to5Mac, which claims in a new report that it dug up these features 'based on' iOS 14 code it managed to acquire. Assuming the leak is accurate, the Apple Watch Series 6 models will feature expanded controls for parents, enabling them to set up and manage multiple Apple Watch devices from their iPhone.

This new capability will reportedly allow parents to manage their child's Apple Watch from the same account and iPhone they use for their own device; parental controls will reportedly include things like setting some contacts as 'Trusted' and deciding what music will be available.

As well, the leak claims that the Apple Watch Series 6 will include a feature called 'Schooltime' that will be available in watchOS 7 and iOS 14. With this, parents will reportedly be able to choose what apps and such can be accessed by the child from the wearable during their school hours. This would help reduce their distraction in the classroom.

Beyond the parental control features, the new Apple Watch and upcoming related software will reportedly bring proper Sleep Tracking functionality to Apple's wearable. The built-in feature first leaked through Bloomberg last month; it will allegedly allow users to use the iPhone's Health app to create personalized sleep goals, among other things.

Other leaked features include the ability to access Shared Albums for images to use as photo watch faces on the Apple Watch, a new Infograph Pro watch face with a tachymeter and a new feature for sharing watch faces with other users. This latest leak follows one from 9to5Mac last week alleging the upcoming ability to track blood oxygen saturation with the Apple Watch.