Apple Watch repair guides published by iFixit

The Apple Watch is going to break. Either by accident or some dude trying to blend it, the little guy is just gonna get banged up now and then. When it does (and hopefully it's not you who ends up with the busted watch), some will try to repair it rather than try to buy a new one. The best resource for that, iFixit, has just published a few repair guides for Apple Watch. Guess what? It's really had to fix.As we learned in the iFixit Apple Watch teardown, there's no easy fixes, and repairs here are definitely not something the novice should attempt. This is some top-level poking and prodding, so noobs need not apply.

If you do end up wanting to pry your Apple Watch open, iFixit also has some custom tools you'll need. They've fashioned a crude custom driver bit for Apple Watch, as well as adhesive strips for the screen. Before you even get into parts, you're into this thing for $25.

So what can you fix or replace? The NFC antenna can be swapped out, as can the battery or screen. Since you'll have to go behind the screen to get to the parts (the rear is sealed), there's also a primer on replacing the adhesive strips under the edges, which will be damaged in the process of prying the display assembly off.

The real issue will be finding parts. Though iFixit can tell you how to repair your Apple Watch, they don't have the parts (aside from the adhesive strips). The parts store on the iFixit site doesn't even have an Apple Watch portal yet.

If you can get the parts you need, and are brave enough to chance fixing the Apple Watch yourself, check out the source link below.

Source: iFixit