Apple Watch now connects to DxO ONE iPhone camera

This week the folks at DxO have announced some feature upgrades to their relatively new add-on camera system for the iPhone: DxO ONE. This system connects to the side of your iPhone – or the bottom, however you'd like to look at it – and adds some high-powered photography and videography capture abilities with a completely separate camera module. One key feature in this update is a connection with the Apple Watch, giving the watch the ability to remotely trigger the camera from afar.

The DxO ONE is being sold in "select" Apple retail stores across the United States – you'll also find it online in the web-based Apple online store. This essentially means that Apple trusts the brand and wants you to use this camera, regardless of the fact that you might end up using your standard iPhone camera a lot less than before.

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With this update comes a companion app for your Apple Watch. This watch doesn't do just one whole heck of a lot, but does add the always-helpful remote trigger functionality.

The standard app will soon have "instant access" to a number of advanced capture parameters as well as new photo information, available to the user with a swipe. This system will also be able to capture several photos in a row by keeping one's finger on the shutter button.

The shutter speed range has been expanded to capture fast-motion at 1/20,000, and lower-light subjects with a longer exposure time (30s).

Both the DxO ONE iOS app update and the companion Apple Watch app are available from the iOS App Store right this minute.