Apple Watch may soon be available for in-store pickup

When the Apple Watch became available for purchase, those who stayed up late or woke up really early were among the lucky ones to snag one for a quick delivery. As minutes ticked away, so did the delivery timeframe. First Apple Watch delivery shipped into June, and it now seems to be settled into a July delivery for those who've ordered. A new report details Apple may soon allow hopeful Apple Watch wearers to pick theirs up in-store rather than have it delivered.

The option to pick up in-store — which is currently inactive, so don't even try it — is said to be waiting on stock levels to rise. As stores receive shipments of Apple Watch, the button will become active, letting us get a bit more instant gratification.

At launch, Apple Watch was a bit more clandestine than other Apple device launches. It was available for purchase online only, with in-store appointments being little more than try-on sessions that let users order an Apple Watch for delivery later.

Unfortunately, we don't know if in-store pickup also means stock levels are returning to normal (which may speed up those July arrivals). It's also unclear if Apple will wait for a majority of stores to have better stock levels before activating the pickup option.

Heck, we don't even know when in-store pickup might go live.

Source: 9to5Mac