Apple Watch has hidden diagnostics port (for now)

Some interesting news about the Apple Watch has surfaced today, all of it revolving around a hidden diagnostic port available on the Apple smartwatch. This diagnostic port is said to contain a 6-dot brass contact array, which is inside of the bottom strap's connector slot groove. Sources have confirmed this port exists, but that's where the agreement among sources seems to end: one source has said that the port is used for diagnostic tasks (as you'd expect), but that it could theoretically be used for accessories after the watch launches. This has spurred speculation about so-called smart watch straps, but a different source has surfaced saying not to get your hopes up.

The first part of that information comes from TechCrunch, which says that it has received confirmation from "several sources" that the Apple Watch does, indeed, feature this tiny hidden diagnostic port. An assumption is made that if the port is on the wearables that ship out, it could possibly be used to create accessories for the smartwatch. Unfortunately, some different sources say "no".

Those latter sources come from 9to5Mac, which says it has received word that the Apple Watch units shipping out to buyers won't include the diagnostic port at all...which means any hope or speculation that it'll facilitate smart accessories are unfounded.

And so if you were hoping that the existence of the port might point toward the future possibility of smart accessories (battery-toting wrist band, for example), you're out of luck — assuming all the information from sources is correct. Be sure to check out the SlashGear Apple Hub for more news!

SOURCE: TechCrunch, 9to5Mac