Apple Watch 4 reboot loop triggered by DST, Infograph complication

JC Torres - Oct 7, 2018, 9:11 pm CDT
Apple Watch 4 reboot loop triggered by DST, Infograph complication

Daylight saving time, lovingly referred to as DST, is famous for throwing many a human into confusion. But if you think you’ve had it bad, computers may have it worse. At least we don’t get stuck in an endless reboot loop until our batteries run dry. Which, unfortunately, seems to be the case for the Apple Watch Series 4 down under. Australian owners are reporting the latest Apple Watch getting stuck on rebooting over and over again. And according to those who successfully, survived the ordeal, it’s all due to DST and Apple’s updated Infograph complications.

The Apple Watch 4 introduced not just a bigger screen but also more complications (the smartwatch term for “widgets”) that you can cram into that screen. The Infograph and Infograph Modular watch faces, for example, are able to show more information than what would have been possible in older models. Unfortunately, some of those pieces of information may be causing the Apple Watch 4 to reboot over and over again.

Australia just recently made its DST dance with weekend and that seems to have thrown the Apple Watch 4 into a fit. It may have something to do with the fact that there wasn’t a full day and the Infograph complication doesn’t like not having 24 hours in a day. A Redditor details the method to get out of that loop, which involves using a different watch face without that complication.

While this DST bug is so simple that it should have been caught at QA (the US, after all, does the DST dance, too), it seems that the Infograph complications themselves are becoming a source of complaints. Some Apple Watch users, in fact, aren’t very happy with how dense the Apple Watch 4’s face has become thanks to it. Being new, it might also be a source of other bugs that have yet to surface. And since it’s one of the things that always gets loaded at boot, it has the chance to take down the whole watch in the process.

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