Apple Watch 3 battery info means you'll be charging more often

The Apple Watch 3 has just broken cover and it sported a feature that the Apple faithful have been expecting since the Apple Watch 2: LTE connectivity. But that added functionality doesn't come without a figurative cost and the biggest hit is on the battery. Apple knows too well that it will be users' primary concern, so it put up a dedicated web page for the Apple Watch 3's 18 hour battery life. Or 1 hour, depending on how you use it.

Apple has always had a devil may care attitude when it comes to the Apple Watch's battery. It was one of the biggest criticisms of the Apple Watch, and the company simply brushed it off as "you'll just charge it every night anyway". It instead worked on making charging the watch as painless as possible so you wouldn't mind it.

With LTE connectivity, those concerns are bound to resurface, so Apple is taking preemptive action. The general message is that the Apple Watch 3 will last you "all day", but not "until the night". But there are some caveats that cut down those 18 hours faster.

If you play music for 10 hours via Bluetooth, you'll find the Apple Watch reaching 0 even before you get home. Working out in the great outdoors with GPS on nets you only 5 hours. Turn on LTE while you're at it and you'll only get 4. And if you talk on your wrist via LTE directly, you'll be cut off from your conversation on the 1-hour mark.

Of course, that's pretty much expected and no one will probably use their Apple Watch 3 that way for hours straight. Bottom line is that your LTE use is going to add up and eventually catch up with you. Good thing, then, that it'll only take 1.5 hours for the Apple Watch to charge up to 80%, or 2 hours to full.