Apple warns that FBI could monitor cameras and microphones next

If you've been following the case between Apple and the FBI, then you know that Apple has been asked to create a new, insecure version of iOS that allows any phone to be easily unlocked. The scariest thing about the case isn't what they could do with that software, but rather the precedent that such a ruling could set. And Apple's head of online services recently shared his thoughts on what that might lead to.

In a recent interview, Eddy Cue discussed the reasons why Apple is fighting so hard to prevent the FBI from getting their way. One of the biggest reasons is the obvious one that has been repeated many times. The FBI is essentially wanting Apple to hand over a key to their phones. And since Apple doesn't have a key that they can hand over, the FBI instead wants them to essentially change the lock. And once there is a new proverbial lock with a functioning key, that key can eventually fall into the wrong hands.

But that's not the only concern that he expressed. Currently, there is no way for the government, or even Apple to switch on your phone's camera or microphone to monitor you. However, once the precedent is set that a company can be forced to alter their software to assist in a government investigation, suddenly your camera and mic don't seem so secure.

Since webcams and mics started becoming commonplace, there have been conspiracy theories about the government watching you through them. But we're reaching a point where a company like Apple (or any other major tech company) could be forced to hand over the keys to your camera and microphone to the government.

The entire interview is up on Univision, which I highly recommend reading in its entirety. It is completely in Spanish, so you'll want to use a translator if you're not fluent.