Apple Warns Support Staff Of iPhone Activation Server Problems

This is a big week for Apple with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C officially going on sale. That means hoards of new iPhone owners will be going online to activate their new smartphone over the weekend. With some analysts predicting Apple will sell as many as 6 million new iPhones this weekend, that means lots of traffic to Apple activation servers.

It appears that all of that traffic is already causing problems with Apple reportedly issuing a high priority internal alert to its support staff warning of iPhone activation server issues. The high-priority alert allegedly tells support staff that Apple's activation servers are having issues and that there are other issues as well that are preventing a large number of customers from activating new iPhones.

While activation server issues is a clear problem, the notification of "other internal issues" is rather vague and undefined. Apple had issues with their servers earlier in the week with a huge number of users looking to upgrade iPhones and iPads to iOS 7. The early adaption rate for iOS 7 has been pegged as high as 30%.

Many Apple customers found that they were unable to download the update because the activation service was unavailable or unresponsive. Apple didn't offer any details on exactly how many iPhone buyers were unable to activate their new iPhones. Interestingly, Apple's system status page shows everything is in the green right now even though issues are being reported.

SOURCE: AppleInsider