Apple Wallet will soon support verifiable COVID-19 vaccination cards

It'll soon be easier for fully vaccinated iPhone owners to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination when visiting venues and other places that require this information. Apple said in a brief update on its verifiable health records system that with a future update to iOS 15, users will be able to store these vaccine cards in the Apple Wallet app.

Smartphones are convenient, while health records tend to be...less than convenient. Combining the two can greatly simplify daily life, particularly during a time when you may have to regularly present proof of vaccination. A number of systems have popped up that allow users to securely access and present their official medical records.

Wallet apps, such as the kind used to store a digital ID and credit cards, are the most convenient way to present this data as it doesn't require repeatedly logging into a health care facility's app. Samsung recently teamed with a health records platform that enables users to store their COVID-19 vaccination record in the Samsung Pay app.

Apple will soon add similar functionality to its Apple Wallet app. According to the company, users who take advantage of iOS 15's ability to store verifiable health records in the Health app will soon be able to store their vaccination records in Apple Wallet. The new feature will arrive "in an upcoming software update," Apple said.

The upcoming feature will allow iPhone owners to store their verifiable COVID-19 vaccination records as a vaccination card. Once stored in the Apple Wallet app, showing proof of vaccination for air travel and more will be as simple as pulling up a digital ID. The Apple Health and Wallet support is based on the SMART Health Cards specification.