Apple vs. Samsung judge to review jury foreman misconduct claims

The federal judge who presided over the Apple versus Samsung trial, Judge Lucy Koh, is set to "consider the questions" of whether or not Vel Hogan, the jury foreman in the case, concealed information during the jury selection process. Koh is also looking into how much information Apple attorneys had on Hogan. Koh has said that she will look into the issue at a hearing set for December 6.

Hogan was the jury foreman on the Apple versus Samsung case that cost Samsung $1 billion in damages. Samsung's ultimate goal is to get that $1 billion judgment tossed out, and it is using any means it can. Samsung has been claiming that it didn't receive a fair trial due to juror misconduct. Samsung claims that Hogan didn't disclose during jury selection that he had been sued by his former employer, Seagate.

Samsung says that it and Seagate have a "substantial strategic relationship" and Samsung says that the litigation between Hogan and Seagate led to Hogan having the file bankruptcy. Samsung believes that Hogan should've informed the court about the Seagate suit during jury selection.

CNET reports that legal experts have told it that it's hard to overturn a jury decision for alleged misconduct. These experts believe that there was no outside influence on Hogan or other jurors in this case, which is apparently what is needed to get it a verdict tossed out based on misconduct. Hogan has said in his response to Samsung that the judge didn't ask for complete listing of all lawsuits he had been involved with.

[via CNET]