Apple updates iTunes, Apple TV; adds media extras

Apple has updated iTunes today, bringing the software to version 11.3. The goal this time is to get you consuming more media. How do we know that? The extensive list of tweaks to media playback, and a synchronized update to Apple TV.

The change-log for iTunes has an extensive list of media angles. New iTunes extras for HD movies, which "can include behind-the-scenes videos, short films, high-resolution image galleries, director's commentary, scenes, and more". All those tweaks will also be retrofitted to your previous purchases, if there is any content available there.

Apple is also updating their Apple TV platform to take advantage of the changes. The new iTunes Extras features can now be enjoyed on your Apple-y streaming device, as it's been upgraded to version 6.2. If that weren't enough for you, iOS 8 — launching this fall — will also take full advantage of the new features.

Apple's media content strategy has taken a different turn lately, with their acquisition of Beats signaling the days of relying on music purchases ahead of streaming may be over. Movie extras could keep us interested in purchasing and renting via Apple's platform, though.

You can download the new iTunes now in the Mac App Store, or via Apple's iTunes page.