Apple Unlocks Your iPhone For AT&T

We mentioned last week that AT&T was finally starting to offer the ability to unlock your iPhone once your contract has expired. The official date for unlocks to commence was yesterday, April 8. If you are wondering exactly how the process is conducted, we now have a few more details. One interesting detail is that Apple is the one that's actually unlocking your iPhone.

The unlock can be conducted in your local AT&T store, but that's not the only way you get your smartphone unlocked. You can also hit the AT&T website and have your device unlocked using the company's online chat feature. Apparently, the process takes only a few minutes and the only information needed is your iPhone IMEI.

You find that number under settings – general – about on your device. Once you've given that information, Apple will e-mail an unlock code during the next 72 hours to your e-mail address. That means everything is done by Apple with AT&T simply being the go between. There seems to be some confusion with TheNextWeb reporting that at least one user has been told the iPhone has to be cracked open rather than only needing a code. If you have used the process to unlock your iPhone, let us know how it worked for you.

[via TheNextWeb]